Activists in Abuja joined the deCOALonise.Africa call and took their petition to the streets demanding the government step up action to halt all coal mining in Nigeria.

“While governments around the world are switching to more cleaner, efficient and sustainable energy solutions, there is no valid argument to explore coal options. Nigeria will not be left behind the anti-coal movement. We must safeguard the future of our continent fast. We call on the Government to deCOALonise Nigeria and leapfrog the country straight to renewable energy sources that will benefit millions of people”, said Michael David Terungwa, Global Initiative for Food Security and Ecosystem Preservation.

The online petition calls for the Government of Nigeria to:

  • Abide by their commitments to the Paris Agreement which requires phased reduction of greenhouse gases emissions

  • The Ministry of Mines and Steel Development to STOP the issuance licence for COAL mining in Nigeria

  • The Leadership of the National Assembly to promulgate a law to BAN COAL MINING

  • Accelerate national plans to a rapid, just transition towards 100% renewable energy for all Nigerians.

Nigerian emissions are projected to grow 114% by 2030 under the  “business-as-usual” scenario. A situation which will pose severe health, human and environmental effects. Emissions are responsible for respiratory illnesses, cardiovascular disease, asthma attacks, brain damage and cancer.

They urge all fellow citizens of Nigeria, and Africans at large, to sign this petition in the hopes of having cleaner air, water, more fertile soils and lastly healthier people who will collectively preserve the environment and embrace best world practices in all forms of mining.