5 Things You Can Do to Spread the Word about #deCOALonise

You might not be directly involved in a campaign against a coal mine or plant, but the burning of coal and its contribution to climate change is and will continue to affect us all. It takes all of us - reaching out to those around us, sharing stories and engaging - in order to help make #deCOALonise a success. Here are ways that anyone, no matter your digital skill level, can use new media to help spread the word.


  1. Follow and support the campaigns

    The campaigns on the deCOALonise.africa platform relies on the support of others to do the work they do. Following their progress, sharing their news and giving them encouragement and feedback is a great way to support them. You can find the contact information of the campaigns, and ways to follow them on their pages on this website.


  2. Invite your friends and family to follow the campaigns

    Supercharge your support – ask those close to you to support the campaigns you are interested in. While social media is a fantastic tool, there is nothing quite as successful as asking someone in person, or a sending them a personal email.


  3. Share why you’re engaging

    Why do you think it’s important to deCOALonise.africa? When you post, use the hashtag #decoalonise


  4. Share existing memes/videos

    To make it even easier for you, we have existing social media resources people can use. Check out some of the sample content.


  5. Ask people in your community to also share about it.
    It doesn’t have to be a big celebrity. It could be your local football team, faith leader, musician or politician. Who in your community do people listen to and who has a big reach on social media? Ask them and see if they can help spread the word.