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The main global hashtag is #deCOALonise — follow it and share your own content using it.


Here are five easy tips to help people spread the word via social media

It’s time to come together and #deCOALonise! Our energy system should be based on African values of communalism, ubuntu, an interdependence that promotes “humanness as an essential element of human growth.” We are uniting diverse campaigns with a call to halt new coal infrastructure in Africa. This is how you get involved →deCOALonise.Africa
We need to make it clear – the same thinking underpin this new push for coal as the early waves of colonialism in Africa: greed and exploitation. Follow the #deCOALonise campaign and together work to end the age of fossil fuels.  Find out about the campaigns happening near you on the website: deCOALonise.Africa.
We’re at a turning point – either we do nothing and secede power and ownership to a growing  wave of energy colonisation, or we unite, based on our common African values of ubuntu –  Africa’s philosophical approach to humanity –  and pursue an energy future that is locally owned, renewable and healthy for our communities,  environment and future generations.
Together we can pave the way to energy solutions that are for and by Africans. Time to #decoalonise. Get involved: deCOALonise.Africa
#deCOALonise: It’s time for Africa to move away from fossil fuels and build a renewable future.deCOALonise.Africa
In order to ensure a livable planet, we must work together, escalate our actions & #decoalonise Africa:deCOALonise.Africa
Renewable energy has never been cheaper. It’s time to #decoalonise Africa & embrace a green energy revolution.deCOALonise.Africa
It’s time to come together &  #deCOALonise! We are stronger when we work together. Join us:deCOALonise.Africa


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