Campaign Name: Renewable Energy for Communities

Campaign Location: Ghana

For more information about the campaign:

The #RE4C (Renewable Energy for Communities) campaign is a long-term campaign aimed at exerting pressure on the Ghanaian government to embrace the use of renewable energy in its development agenda while at the same time focussing our efforts in the fight against the proposed VRA coal plant in the Ekumfi region.

#RE4C is working to mobilise community members and groups to embrace and call for 100% renewable energy production while advocating for ownership and control of such ventures.

While the current #RE4C focus is to scaling up renewable energy projects, campaign’s leaders continue to follow closely developments related to Ekumfi proposed coal plant in order to secure its permanent cancellation.

Engagements with the chiefs, community leaders including youth and other organized groups in the community where the coal plants are proposed unify the struggle and accelerate the momentum.

The goal is to significantly contribute to Ghana’s Energy Policy implementation of the national 100% Renewable Energy agenda. This can be achieved through the mobilization of key stakeholders. Ghana wants to increase renewable energy in the supply-mix to 10% by 2020.