The Destruction of the Highveld, Part 2: Burning Coal is the name of a new report released by groundWork, an organisation based in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. It documents the adverse impacts and the terrible cost of burning coal in South Africa’s Highveld area.

The report was produced with the participation of the Highveld Environmental Justice Network, an alliance of community-based activists, ensuring the report exposes the lived experience of the communities who breathe toxic air on a daily basis. The report looks at the horrendous levels of air pollution, caused by burning coal and as well as other industries. It has been calculated that over 2200 people die each year in South Africa from pollution from coal-fired power plants the likes of which are documented in this report. The players in the various polluting industries and their work are exposed, including Sasol’s plant at Secunda – the biggest point source of greenhouse gases on the planet.

The report concludes by zeroing in on the building blocks for a just energy transition – away from polluting coal and towards socially owned renewables. It documents a litany of additional reasons to now!

The full report is available here:

You can read the groundWork press release here: