Campaign Name: deCOALonize Kenya

Campaign Location: Kenya

For more information about the campaign:

deCOALonize Kenya is fueling the anti-coal movement in East Africa that has spread across Kenya’s city landscape in Nairobi to deserts and islands such as Lamu and Kitui counties where activists sparked a flame that continues to spread like wildfire, across the rest of the continent.

The resistance against coal expansion has been growing significantly among Kenyan civil society and the community at large, following continued anti-coal mobilisation and advocacy efforts to oppose the proposed Lamu coal plant.

Coal is pushed on Kenya through concepts like economic transformation and access to energy. deCOALonize Kenya is challenging the energy development status quo.

deCOALonize Kenya provides information to local communities, policy makers, academics and civil society on why coal is not a viable growth option for Kenya and how to accelerate the transition towards a 100% renewable energy future for Kenya.


Consistent community engagement and support to local communities keep groups connected and encouraged to act fast on Kenya’s agenda to cut down its emissions.


deCOALonize Kenya aims to stop coal development in order to secure a green and sustainable energy future for Kenya and the region. Impacted communities, supported by campaign groups, are resisting fossil fuels with their few resources and winning environmental court cases that set new precedents.