Campaign Name: Campaign Against Bargny Coal Power Plant

Campaign Location:  Bargny, Senegal

The campaign against the Bargny Coal Power Plant was launched by a coalition of local associations (environmentalist farmers, women, fisherman, landowners, etc.) in 2010.

It consists of an extensive awareness raising program with regards to the numerous dangers posed by the coal power station. This campaign targets three banks, namely AfDB, FMO and BOAD, which financed the 125 MW coal plant, as well as the Senegalese government which authorized its construction.

The main goal of the campaign is to fight against the construction of a coal power station in Bargny which does not comply with the environmental and social policies of the AfDB, BOAD and FMO. 

Affected communities have not only lodged complaints with the banks that financed the project, but they have also lodged a complaint with the Supreme court against the Senegalese government which has violated its environmental policy by not taking into accounts the impacts of the coal project on human health, marine life, water quality, etc.  Discussions with lawyers have already begun and one lawyer has been paid to initiate the complaint.

In partnership with Waterkeeper Alliance and Global GREEN grant Funds, this anti-coal coalition in Bargny continues to raise awareness among local residents about the socio-economic impacts of the coal power station on fishing, land rights, resettlement rules, the process of consultation and community participation as well as the cultural rights of local people.

The Bargny anti-coal coalition pressured the project financiers to carry out studies that measure the air pollution generated by the coal power station and the SOCOCIM cement plant.