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We’re calling on the African Development Bank to increase funding to renewable energy projects at multiple scales to enable Africa to switch to sustainable forms of energy instead of relying on conventional fuels that cause irreversible harm to both people and the planet. African countries across the continent have launched various initiatives for renewable energy and energy efficiency. The financial resources of the AfDB are crucial in helping accelerate these.

Around the world, governments of developing countries are switching from coal to cleaner, more efficient and sustainable energy solutions to control pollution and slow down climate change. It’s time for Africa to push forward and lead the rest of the world in stopping coal mining and power generation making the world a better place to live in for both present and future generations. It’s time for Africa to deCOALonise.

From 6:00am to 6:00 pm GMT on May 25th, we encourage you to be part of Break Free Twitter Action using the suggest tweets. You may tweak and customize as you like. You can also tweet and post multiple times during the day with the hashtag #BreakFree. You may also post relevant pictures, videos and articles regarding the fossil fuel issue in your local area, country and Africa in general.

Sample Tweets for Posts

Communities, coalitions and groups across Africa are taking action today against the fossil fuel industry because it is responsible for the ravages of climate change, a matter of survival for millions of Africans. #BreakFree
From Dakar to Cape Town, people are mobilised today to remind our leaders that Africa doesn’t need fossil fuels to tackle its growing energy demand. Africa is blessed with abundant renewable energy sources to transform the livelihoods of its people. #BreakFree

With climate impacts escalating, it’s coming at a time when we don’t have the luxury to allow the growth of fossil fuel industry. It has killed, is killing and will kill if we don’t stop it! #BreakFree

While countries worldwide are shutting down coal plants, why should Africa accept a dirty source of energy which is the biggest single cause of air pollution with devastating environmental impacts? #BreakFree
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There is an urgency to unite grassroots anti-coal struggles and speak with one voice as we challenge the power of coal corporations and their supporters. We need to make the links between the push for coal and colonisation clear. We are calling on people to join us to “deCOALonise Sub-Saharan Africa”.  This platform aims to connect continental fights to stop coal development.

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