This action is part of a massive global wave of resistance to fossil fuels.

Happening today – 25 May

Break Free from Fossil Fuels 2018

Break Free From Fossil Fuels 2018 is a one-day regional wave of escalated actions to keep coal, oil + gas in the ground.

Actions Right Now — Friday, 25 May

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Break Free 2018

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Break Free

Full Schedule of Actions

A theater play to explain the concept of deCOALonise followed by a film screening to show the impacts of fossil fuels.

Photo exhibition followed by a dialogue themed around #BreakFree, alongside a Twitter chat asking our governments & investors to #breakfree from fossil investments and take action on their commitments to the Paris agreement.

350 GROC is reaching out to communities in the Eastern region of Ghana(Dome, Asayansu, Kwesi Kunde, Fori) to promote and distribute renewable energy products.

Tous les acteurs de la société civile, les médias, les étudiants, les communautés de Bargny et des communes environnantes vont prendre part à cette manifestation qui sera l'occasion de dénoncer fortement la centrale et de demander à l'Etat de renoncer au projet.

Manifestations outside the DBSA's office. The Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) campaign aims to get the DBSA to publicly commit to not funding the Thabametsi coal fired power plant.

A caravan action. The caravan will move around the polytechnic with fossil free messages to create more awareness on climate change and the need for a just transition to 100% renewable energy

A Press Conference featuring people from a coal mining affected community and a training of volunteers on Non Violent Direct Action and Environmental justice

A peaceful Street Walk to raise public awareness against coal mining while promoting Renewable Energy.

Youth from in and around Kampala will gather to discuss the hazardous effects of the growing oil exploration in the Albertine rift and brainstorm means of promoting alternative means of fuel around the country.

A la decouverte des renouvelables , est une visite guidée avec 100 jeunes etudiants, chercheurs et entrepreneurs.Au centre national des énergies renouvelables ,dans l'encceinte de l'Instutut National des Techniques appliquées de Kinshasa (ISTA/Ndolo).

Film screenings and community debate to denounce coal-fired power projects, but also to draw attention of the authority and Ivory Coast people and leaders on the dangers that coal development continues to pose on the continent which is the most vulnerable to the ravages of climate change.

A peaceful anti-coal march starting from Mkunguni ,Lamu Town Square and ending at Forest,where the NEMA offices are located .It will involve youths ,fishermen, dhow operators ,partner CBO from Lamu.

Une Marche contre l'utilisation des fossiles dans la ville de Goma et sur les eaux du lac-kivu.

Film screenings and debate in order to enhance the debate about energy transition which already started in Benin.

Workshop to create awareness about the importance of breaking free from fossil fuels and the urgency to go 100% renewable energy.

University debate on the impacts of fossil fuels and the need for a just transition to renewable energy.

An “AntiCoal Khanga show“ in Lamu challenging women to use a traditional attire (Khanga: a vibrantly colored East African cloth worn by women) to tell the African story of fossil fuel impacts.

DeCARBONize Nigeria university debate. "The mother earth is crying... Safe me from fossil fuel combustion, I am warming. Talking about the impacts of climate change on human and on every sector of the society, the common man is more vulnerable while some rich men are making money out of this. It is the right time we all come together to put an end to this. Stop fossil fuel!! End coal business!!!"

Peaceful walk to denounce the proposed coal-fired power projects in order to draw the attention of the authority and Ivory Coast people and leaders on the dangers that coal development continues to pose on the continent which is the most vulnerable to the ravages of climate change.

Workshop on Climate Change and Breaking Free from Fossil Fuels. Come and let's share more information about global warming and what we can do as ordinary citizens!! We will have professional photographers and media journalists to cover our event. Most importantly come and let's have a shared vision for our continent of Africa.

The event will be conducted at the Copperbelt University. We want to stage out an advocacy campaign in the ending of sulphur dioxide that comes from the burning of fossil fuels on the mining plant in Mufulira as well as the wood based industries in Ndola.

Join #BreakFree Grahamstown and stand in solidarity with continent-wide demonstrations against the fossil fuel and coal industry. Climate Change is a global crisis that can have powerful local solutions. #BreakFree Grahamstown will be a workshop with the intention of sharing information and solutions to fossil fuel emissions. Prof. Rui Krause will speak about the chemistry of fossil fuels - what are they, why are they useful and why are they used.

Fossil Free South Africa will be holding a demo from 6:30am, dropping a banner from a footbridge over the N2 highway into Cape Town. Any and all are welcome to join us!

On the morning of the 25th of May people from coal affected communities in Lephalale, together with activists from Earthlife Africa Jhb and Greenpeace Africa, will gather at the corner of Nelson Mandela Drive and Steenbokpan to stage a picket calling for the cancellation of the local proposed private coal-fired power station, Thabametsi. We must Break Free from coal to protect our climate, water and health!

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