As political and finance leaders gathered yesterday in Paris at the One Planet Summit held two years after the conclusion of the Paris agreement, climate change activists in Ivory Coast seized this opportunity to remind their leaders that #NotAPennyMore should be spent on outdated fossil fuels projects.

For more than 3 hours, they activated a Twitter storm targeting political and financial actors involved in the San Pedro coal plant project. The goal was to denounce the ongoing uncertainty on the project with dire environmental and health consequences and to call for its official end.

“We are tired of empty speeches, slogans and summit when thousands of people are very seriously affected by impacts of climate change. The proliferation of extreme weather events in recent months is a strong signal that time has come to get rid of fossil fuels and accelerate the renewables agenda’ said Reine Fadonougbo Baimey, Assistant Coordinator at Reseau Climat et Developpement in Abidjan, one of the NGOs part of the action.

Ivory Coast, like certain other African countries, is today confronted with the proliferation of the fossil fuel industry. In December 2016, the government entrusted BROTO IPP, a wholly-owned subsidiary of S.Energies, with the construction, operation, maintenance of a 2×350 MW coal-fired power plant in San Pedro. Since then, local groups have been mobilising against this project, denouncing the lack of greater enthusiasm for renewable energies for the country.

The online action was supported by activists from neighbouring countries like Benin and Togo to ensure that political and financial leaders involved in the disastrous San Pedro project get the message and accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy for all.