What is deCOALonise.africa?

The deCOALonise.africa campaign platform aims to unite campaigns and movements working to end the age of coal in Africa and move to clean, renewable energy. We are, uniting diverse campaigns with a call to halt new coal infrastructure in Africa. Together, we are more powerful. It’s time to deCOALonise Africa Fast!

Why should your campaign be a part of deCOALonise.africa?

  1. Networking: You will get an opportunity to interact with fellow activists campaigning against coal throughout Africa for mutual inspiration, peer support, sharing experiences and powerful networking.
  2. Share resources and learning: The platform seeks to empower regional campaigns. Through shared stories, research, content, as well as webinars, workshops and other learning and sharing experiences. We will help provide tools to help boost your existing campaigns or to start new impactful ones.
  3. Amplify your campaign work: Joining decoalonise.africa means being part of a growing united global community actively working to build and consolidate community resistance against coal. deCOALonise.africa will help amplify regional campaigns, and highlight campaigns against coal on a continent-wide as well as global level.
  4. Continent-wide solidarity: We aim to build collaboration across different regions so that your campaign moments could be amplified across the continent. For instance, if you are holding an activity in your country, other campaigns across the continent could undertake solidarity activities in their countries. We will be able to leverage campaign power across regions and borders by supporting each other.

Who can join deCOALonise.africa?

The platform is open to groups and campaigns that are already running (or be about to start) an anti-coal or pro-renewables campaign, who are willing to collaborate with deCOALonise.africa in sharing updates and materials on their campaigns, who are willing to participate in skill shares and willing to support other regional struggles.

How do we become part of deCOALonise.africa?

By registering on the website – tell us about your campaign, be featured on the website and join us in solidarity.

What can people do as part of deCOALonise.africa?

We are ready to support and showcase the work of regional campaigns and groups actively challenging the power of coal corporations and their supporters.

Possible action ideas may include non-violent direct action in front of coal corporations or financiers, delivering a petition to your government asking for a commitment to 100% renewable energy, a march or a gathering in front of a symbolic target. You may already be planning similar types of activities, and we hope you will share them with deCOALonise.africa so that we can amplify them.

Who has started deCOALonise.africa?

deCOALonise.africa was inspired by the growing number of activists, communities and organisations that are resisting coal-fired power plants and coal mining in Kenya under the decoalonize.org network. 350Africa, part of the global organisation, 350.org has been supporting campaigns against coal and other fossil fuel on the continent since 2011 and is launching this platform to unite climate and environmental struggles across the region.